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to every art student everywhere


i believe in all of you

and so does Bob Ross

reblog for art students and artists.

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Forgot to post this small painting I did last week! :)))

Forgot to post this small painting I did last week! :)))

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Anonymous asked: How is ''female queerness constantly undermined and invalidated by men''



”she’s just experimenting” ”it’s a phase” ”she’s confused” ”can I watch?” ”can I join?” ”you’re a lesbian? that’s hot” *continues to hit on you*  ”you’re bi? wanna threesome?” ”lesbian sex doesn’t count” ”girls only do it for boys attention” ”she just needs to find the right man” ”I can change your mind” ”if you use dildos that means you really just want dick”

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Modest Mouse - Dramamine

We kiss on the mouth but still cough down our sleeves 

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Defend teenage Asian girls from creepy white men at all costs

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I know it’s celebrity nudes out here that y’all are tryna look at but instead look at me look at my eyelashes look at my curls


what a babeee

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